Fond Pageant’ from Puck’s line in Midsummer Night’s Dream ‘Shall we their fond pageant see? / Lord what fools these mortals be’ follows the ekphrastic method of poetry (describing in words works of art) that began with Homer illuminationg so vividly the Shield of Achilles in the Iliad. Daniel Reardon responds poetically to some of the painters and painting he’s encountered from Caravaggio and Bellini through Delacroix and Whistler to Edward Hopper and Michael Mulcahy. Making inventive use of the sonnet form, rhyming couplets and iambic pentameter in accessible, humorous, nostalgic language, the poet reflects, celebrates and welcomes the reader to delight in the beautifully reproduced paintings as well as the rewarding and enjoyable poetry.


Daniel Reardon was born in New York City in 1946. He was educated at Loyola School, Fordham University and Trinity College Dublin. Gallery Press published his first book of poems In the Lion House in 1974 when he was a member of the Radio Éireann Players. He worked in the Radio Drama department of RTÉ as actor, director and playwright until 2004. There were frequent acting engagements on stage, film and television during his time in Radio Drama. He also wrote many plays for radio including the daily serial riverrun. His award winning stage plays were produced at the Abbey/Peacock, Project Arts Centre, Bewley’s Café Theatre, the New Theatre, and also in Edinburgh, New York and Australia. His poetry has been published extensively in journals and periodicals in Ireland, the UK and America. He has resided all his working life in Dublin apart from a two year sojourn in Baltimore, West Cork and constant visits to his significant other island – Manhattan.

‘Daniel Reardon’s In the Lion House was a signal event in Irish poetry in the seventies – here forty years later is another beautiful moment, only clearer, even brighter with its classical echoes, grateful joy, and permanent wisdom. Cavafy and Catullus are applauding in heaven.’ Sebastian Barry


ISBN:978 0 9999970 07
9 May 2018