Satire at its funniest …

Angelica, a pretty 9-year-old, has an ardent devotion to her father, who writes books for children. But what is a girl to do when a hostile stepmother threatens to interfere in that loving relationship? The answer leads to a nationally televised trial with unexpected consequences.

This very funny tale from the hands of a master writer of comedy features a host of bizarre but believable characters, including a teacher obsessed with sex education, overweight children given to violence, a tyrannical children’s book editor, unscrupulous television producers, self-preening lawyers, and a judge who wallows in his own pomposity.


Patrick Skene Catling was born in London and educated there at University College School and in the United States at Oberlin College. He spent many years as a journalist, covering wars, revolutions and showbiz eccentricities (see Better than Working). His book for children, The Chocolate Touch, has sold more than a million copies. He says he feels equally at home and equally alien on both sides of the Atlantic, but finally has settled most comfortably in the Republic of Ireland with Diana, his partner for the past forty years. He has four middle-aged children and innumerable further descendants, dispersed from California to Thailand, and a cat.

Praise for The Exterminator:

‘Brilliant – it makes you laugh and it makes you think’ – P.G Wodehouse

‘An elaborate and sardonic allegory for urban man’ – Sunday Times

‘Very amusing’ – New Statesman

‘An original blend of realistic farce and fantasy’ – Observer

‘Just as Evelyn Waugh sent up the American commercialisation of funerals in The Loved One, so another astringent British wit sends up the same country’s commercialisation of rat catching’ – Daily Mail


ISBN:978 0 9955239 82
2 November 2017